OTTO’s Menu

Navigate OTTO’s menu by rotating the crank.  Press down on the crank to pop it up. Navigate back to this menu at any time by pressing the grey button on the underside of OTTO.

  1. GIF - OTTO’s standard image making mode
  2. WiFi - Use this to turn on and off OTTO’s WiFi.  See OTTO’s network and the IP address for accessing your GIFs through your phone or computer.              
  3. Update - Get the latest and greatest OTTO software via wireless software updates.                      
  4. Battery Status - See how much charge is left on OTTO.                                
  5. Memory - See the status of OTTO’s internal storage.
  6. Sleep - Hold the pink shutter button to put OTTO to sleep.  When OTTO says goodnight, OTTO is powered down.                                                 
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