OTTO Tips, Tricks & Samples!

OTTO and I have spent a lot of time together.  Here are some of the tips and tricks from what I've learned!

Tell a simple story!  33 frames isn't a lot, but it's enough time to tell a simple story.  Like someone getting lost.  If you want your GIF to hold on a certain image, click the shutter 5 times or so for the GIF to register a hold on an image for a moment.

Experiment with movement!  I love the "Crash Zoom" effect.  Move over a long distance and slow your shutter rate while moving.  Often even just two or three frames will give you a really dynamic movement.

Quick small moves back and forth are fun too! 

Give yourself a lot of shutter clicks in a movement to create a smooth GIF.

OTTO GIFs automatically loop.  Try and create something that loops seamlessly from the end into the beginning.

Play with silhouette and high contrast.  OTTO has a limited dynamic range, kinda like reversal film.  When you have strong blacks and a cool area of light, the colors really pop.

Don't be afraid to set OTTO down on a surface or use a tripod.

When OTTO starts a GIF, it sets both exposure and color space for the duration of the GIF.  By setting the "white balance" in an interesting color space on the first frame, you get a fun color effect throughout the GIF.

You can make some sweet time lapses.


Or do some magic tricks with clever trickery!  Use stop motion to make people fly!

Find a muse! It's more fun when someone is down to be silly!

Part of the fun of OTTO is experimenting!  Hopefully these help get you started!  Of course, not every GIF will come out perfect, but that's how you learn, and sometimes you get happy accidents!

The viewfinder is just an approximation, not exactly what the lens captures. Try to give yourself some extra space when composing your shot.

You can also edit GIFs in Photoshop.  Take out accidental shutter clicks, change the timing of each frame, or stitch multiple GIFs together.


So get out there and GIF OTTOgraphers!  Let us see your GIFs!

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