DHL Feedback

As you may have heard, we've been testing our integration and USA-based distribution with DHL!

This is an EXPERIMENT to test our regional distribution strategy. The goal is to greatly reduce the time it takes for USA-based customers to receive their pre-orders. Assuming shipments from DHL go smoothly, we'll be exploring the roll out more localized distribution centers in other parts of the world.

We need your help evaluating this strategy. Let us know if you have any issues, how fast things arrived, quality of tracking, we want to hear it all.

If you have any feedback, issues or questions about your pre-order, please contact

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    jose moreno aguilera

    saludos con todo respeto me dirijo a ustedes para informarles que compre algunos productos y no me han llegado ya pasaron como tres meses y no tengo respuestas de mi productos de favor les suplico tengan consideracion de mi pedido ustedes tienen todos mis datos de antemano gracias y espero una respuesta favorable

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